The Origin of Motorcycle Leather Jackets


The formulation of motorcycle leather jacket was originated from the WWII aviator style. In fact, the jackets initially utilized for the motorcycle riding were the A-2 military fighter jackets. The companies used to consider the designs given by the Army Air Corps. The jackets were referred as “bomber” style, a name that is still very frequently used today. Indian motorbike manufacturers and Harley Davidson made some of the coolest styles. It was during the 1940s when Indian launched the Ranger for men and Rangerette for women. The main difference between the styles of motorcycle jackets for men and women was the placement of pockets. The original Indian Ranger and Rangerette model had one zippered pocket, whilst the men’s pocket was positioned on the right side, the women’s one was to be found on the left side of the jacket.

Motorcycle Riding Shoes

When choosing the motorcycle riding shoes in India and elsewhere you must consider the following:

  • Comfort: It is essential that your shoes fit right, feel relaxed and most importantly keep you comfortable even after riding miles. If they are not quite contented enough, then they become a distraction. And while riding a bike, any sort of distraction is considered as dangerous. Comfortable riding shoes help you massively to remain focused while driving.
  • Protection: Even if your shoes are fashionable and look good, the main objective of motorcycle riding shoes is to guard your feet and ankles when your ride. A quality pair of shoes is your main defense against rocks, bottles, branches, car parts, and other debris that may come towards you or obstruct your path.
  • Control: Even if your boots have solid soles or are insulated for cold weather riding, they should still allow you to operate your motorcycle’s foot controls effortlessly.
  • Final Test: Prior to paying money for a particular pair of boots, make certain that they feel good when you are on your motorcycle. If you’re pleased with how they feel and perform when you put them on, then they are the boots for you. Purchase them with assurance and go for a ride.

Similarly, the hand gloves for bike riders is very crucial, they are used for the safety of fingers and hands. The gloves are particularly favored by the bikers who mostly drive in the chilly regions.